Saturday, December 31, 2011

Teresa's Art in 2011
Rising Through The Wreckage - 2011
2012 - At Last!
Twist Towards The Light - 2011
   Well, the year is finally coming to an end, on some level, I say good! I managed to paint close to forty paintings this year, and found that my style developed into itself as I had hoped. I feel proud of the progress my work has made this year, I feel more connected to the pieces that came about this year than I did in 2010.
  I think it's because I slowed down and contemplated the work paintings more midstream...
Glistening Fringe - 2011
  Taking the Time to Figure It Out...

  I found out this year that I needed to understand my work more in order to title the pieces and explain them more accurately... In order to do that, I had to contemplate them, painting is like breathing to me, it's something I do naturally. Figuring out what it means is much, much harder. I'm pretty spontaneous (read impulsive!) and don't like to face myself as much as I should.  I hate disappointing others, maybe I'm just avoiding disappointing myself!
Chaos Out Of Confusion - 2011
 What the heck was I thinking?

I was actually quite disappointed in a lot of my paintings in 2010, they felt as unsettled as I usually did. I guess that's no big surprise! 
  Maybe breaking an ankle made me sit still long enough to focus where I needed to. Funny how things work...

2011 was another matter entirely, I felt connected to the artwork, and sometimes, I think I came forward and ventured opinions that were not so introverted...  Mother Earth Is In Hiding jumps to my mind here, I think that's the first painting I ever did relating to a global theme!

My First Social Statement? (I'm a late bloomer...)
Mother Earth Is In Hiding - 2011:  Fall colours dominate this large acrylic painting. The central 'Mother Earth' figure is symbolic, not meant to be truly seen by anyone. The figure is there, but we see through her to the sky behind. She's hiding from us, perhaps because of the way we've treated the Earth? 
  I've posted a selection of the artwork I created in 2011 as an example of what I'm saying in this post, but by no means is this all there is!

Miscellaneous Artwork from 2011
Seraphic Symphony - 2011
Untitled - 2011
  If you'd like to see more of my work, please visit my website go to deviantART and check out my page there, (yes, I'm a fan of Salvidore Dali! It's pretty hard to make up millions of usernames you know! At least it feels like millions...)
Path of Intuition - 2011
My Current Fave! 

Here's one of the paintings I liked the best that I created in 2011, and I'm adding in the description I wrote up for it, because I think I've finally figured out how to reach for what they end up meaning (to me, anyway!) Enjoy! Teresa.

 In this acrylic painting an explosion of Indian Red rises amid a gentle sea of blue. The woman's face is shown in different poses, representing the facets of her personality, up close, her eye stares outwards towards you, her audience... Her life follows the path of her intuition.