Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent Art Awards and Exhibitions Last Quarter 2012

About Recent Artwork:
A Dream of Sentient Paisley
A work in progress by
Teresa Young. it's been an interesting year, but I certainly didn't get as much painting done as I would have liked! 
I've been experimenting with new techniques lately just to keep the creativity going, so I just finished a couple of paintings in the last week that were acrylic, but used acrylic gold paint for highlighting. It's very glittery and shiny! I like it! Unfortunately, the paintings are so new, I haven't managed to get good photos of them yet. I'll have to include them in a future post.

The Omnia Scroll Worldwide Tour:
Coming up on November 14th to December 12th, 2012, I am one of thirteen artists exhibiting at the Brighton Jubilee Library, a gorgeous venue as the ceiling goes up and up, and there is a wall of windows extending two stories that borders on the street.
My good friend Penelope Oakley, a wonderful artist in the UK and I collaborated on a painting this year that will be a part of this exhibition. As well as the painting image I've embedded above, 'A Dream of Sentient Paisley'. The artworks in this exhibition will be the initial images added in high resolution printing onto a banner that will expand over time called the 'Omnia Scroll'. This is pretty exciting as this is going to be an ongoing projec that expands over time. Penny is in talks to curate further exhibitions in this project path in Italy and Mexico. I'm hoping she manages to get something going for Canada at some point because I'd love to see this come to my home country!
For more details, please go to

Physical Exhibitions of my paintings:
As I post this, I have artwork in two physical exhibitions, one in Berlin, Germany and the other in a very nice local restaurant in Hubbards, Nova Scotia Canada.
The Berlin exhibition starts on October 18th and runs until the end of the month. The restaurant exhibition, which is at a local establishment called 'The Trellis', is a group exhibition which the local art association I belong to puts on annually in October. It's called 'Home Grown 2012 - A Visual Feast' and started on October 6th and will run until November 3rd. There are some beautiful paintings in there, over twenty artists submitted this year, and as the owner remarked during the hangings, the artwork just gets better every year! Trellis Show 2012
Something To Do With Creepy
Starying Eyes, Glass art by
Teresa Young.
Another local exhibition I have the honour of being included in is occurring starting October 20th and ending on November 3rd, 2012. The exhibition is the result of a local competition called 'Creature Feature', a Halloween show!

Online Exhibitions and Competitions:
 Other exhibitions include the '14th Annual Abstraction Juried Online International Art Exhibition' a group show that results from the Upstream People Gallery's competition that ran last month. I managed to place as one of the finalists in this competition (yay!), gaining special recognition for two of my pieces: 'Chaos Out of Confusion' and 'The Ripple Effect'.
Exhale by Teresa Young
Another competition I entered online and managed to win in a month or more ago was on a gallery site called the 'The Abstract Artist Gallery'. Pretty close to my heart, considering my art style!The competition was titled 'The 2012 International Abstract Art Contest' and contained three separate categories where you could win, as well as an overall winner designation. I was lucky enough to win the best in category award for 'Whispers and Other Worlds' with my fantasy abstract piece 'Exhale'.
Mother Earth is Hiding by Teresa Young
The arts network in Ferarra Italy that I'm a member of had a competition over the summer, and I was a finalist in it! The Vivid Arts Network Conscious Creation 2012 Fine Art Competition had a good response for entries, so I was quite honoured to win special recognition for my painting 'Mother Earth is Hiding'. The really nice thing about this award is that the artwork was included in an article in the Art Tour Magazine October 2012 issue, check out pages 24 and  31 on the preview link here.

Two other competitions that I was recently notified about:
Undersea Fantasy by Teresa Young
Shadows an online exhibition with the Linus Galleries website, based in southern California, US. The online link is in the process of being created, so I have no link to attach to this one. The painting that placed in that competition is Undersea Fantasy, which I created a nice statement for. It's pretty special to me as it was a product of my nostalgia for scuba diving in my youth!
Years ago, I was quite fond of scuba diving in the northern Pacific Ocean, exploring near the smaller islands around the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The undersea plant life in that cool water is quite different from the bright and colourful areas found in the far southern seas.
Since the ocean is so much colder, the colours are muted, and shadows predominate. The diver experiences a subtle, yet dangerous atmosphere, which makes for an enticing and mysterious experience. In this abstract acrylic artwork, a mass of dark patterns and colours dominate to capture that almost forgotten allure from my past aquatic adventures...
Synthetic Sunrise
by Teresa Young

 Open Art Exhibition – October 2012  Online Gallery Light Space & Time. I was lucky enough to receive a special recognition award for my acrylic painting, 'Synthetic Sunrise'.
I really liked doing this painting due to the sunset palette of colours I ended up creating there. It's quite powerful to work with the dark and moody colours to envision a future where our sunrises are something out of a dark fantasy.