Sunday, July 11, 2010

When Things Don't Go As Planned've been trying to capture my new direction of painting on glass digitally and have met with all sorts of problems.  So this has become my new 'thing' or quest for lack of a better term... trying different approaches, I find I get mixed results.  A white background allows me to eliminate some of the contrast issues, but I lose some of the depth, luminousity and texturized feel that so adds to the effect of the artworks on glass... would like to do it justice, so I did some research and I don't think that this is a new problem at all.  Even in books and articles I've seen on the internet it appears that a lot of detail is lost due to the high constract inherent in glass art
The human eye appears to adjust to it automatically seem to see the piece bettter than a camera can capture it! somehow, even when I get darks and shadows in the clearer parts of the pieces, it seems to have more depth than the ones with the flat backgrounds...

So, I'm adding a small gallery here of what I've been experimenting with lately with in painting directly on glass for your viewing pleasure!
The four pieces below actually inspired the title of this blogpost, I was trying to change a frame on a large piece I did in May and cracked the glass, so I found out that if I was very careful, I can peel the art off of the glass, prepare new glass to adhere the piece to and refinish the piece.  Essentially, I cut this one into four sections because the painting got cut by the glass breaking in the first place.  Four for one, not a bad trade in my mind!

Here's the original piece, which no longer exists in the larger form:

 Images by Teresa Young:
1. Untitled Glass Art - 2 5"x7" pieces - 22 June 2010;  2. Untitled Glass Art - 2 5"x7" pieces - 23 June 2010;  3. Untitled Glass Art - 2 5"x7" pieces - 18 June 2010;  4. Fauvist Fantasy - 8"x10" - 21 June 2010;  5. Serenity - 12"x14" - 16 May 2010;  6. Untitled Glass Art - 20"x24" - 2 May 2010;  7, 8, 9 & 10.  Final Glass Fragments - 8"x10".

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Darlene said...

I hope you can take a nice photo of your pieces of glass work. There are very beautiful away, it doesn't matter, they are very beautiful. Great post lots of nice work Teresa.

Dalifan said...

Well, I'm still investigating, but I think it will end up where it probably did with paintings, that you get the feel of it, but nothing really compares with the real thing! I guess I'll have to learn to accept that one eventually;-)

Thanks for the compliments and the comment Dar!