Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Omnia Scroll Exhibition

The Omnia Scroll Exhibition 2012

 The Omnia Scroll Exhibition launches at Brighton Jubilee Library UK on 14.11.12 to 12.12.12.  A global arts collaboration and international collective exhibition touring the world annually.  Connecting new artists, exhibitors, galleries and the public alike.

The Omnia Scroll and Exhibitions explore the interconnectedness of all things (Latin for all things is Omnia), with each other and our planet.

Everything is alive; everything is interconnected.

Presenting Clive Hedger (UK) Alberto Martinez (UK) Carla Mascaro (Italy) Stephen Meakin (UK) Masakazu Yamashiro (Japan) Yvonne McGillivrary (UK) Bert Monterona (Canada) Nikhil Kirsh (Iceland) Teresa Young (Canada) Penelope Oakley (UK) Angel Ortiz (Mexico) Keith Neary (UK)
Artists will exhibit their original artworks and each work exhibited will form part of the collaborative work thus creating “The Omnia Scroll” an ever increasing, continually growing work of art, images transferred onto silk fabric cotton canvas panels which will be connected and embroidered with gold thread.  As each exhibition takes place and grows so does The Omnia Scroll, one piece of art, many artists’ creations, continually evolves.

2012 Exhibition Curated by Penelope Oakley & Keith Neary  Monday 10am-7pm Tuesday 10am-7pm Wednesday 10am-5pm Thursday 10am-7pm Friday 10am-5pm Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 11am-5pm

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