Saturday, October 12, 2013

On the cusp of a new direction
I've been at a roadblock lately, looking at my own art with a different viewpoint.  It just doesn't seem to work for me anymore! Not that I've given up painting and drawing, but I've been mulling things over and figured out what the source of my dissatisfaction is... seem to have descended into the gloomy depths somehow and lost that bang of colour!  Maybe too much overworking of detail, a loss of freshness and verve somehow.

So, I took a step back to figure out where I'm going and how I want to change my direction to point there...

It's like learning to zig when you normally zag...  I've made a bit of return to glass painting, because that particular medium forces me to more simplicity. A return to the roots of my own painting style in some ways, I believe.  It will be an interesting experiment anyway!

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