Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Experimentation with Different Subjects More Experimentation with Different Subjects has led me to finally try my hand at cat portraits, seascapes, and other 3D sculptures created by Jerry Walsh and painted by me.
If you paint for years, eventually, you can become hemmed in by your own style from time to time and need a break.  I guess it's a matter of dipping your toes in the water outside your own comfort zone. A matter of figuring out if the direction you want to move in.
For years, I've moved into abstract areas, with predominance in abstraction, maybe thirty percent surrealism, and then every once in a blue moon, something that is more realistic, but is still based in fantasy. 

On the side, I've played around with artisan crafts in the form of painting assorted wooden boxes, candlesticks and painting on glass. The fish and cats with Jerry Walsh are a natural extension to this trend.

Last summer, during the studio tour on the Peggy's Cove Festival of the Arts, I was at Mariposa in Tantallon all weekend.
I wandered over to Super Store for lunch one day and saw a wooden table (unfinished) on sale, picked it up and painted and finished it while I was manning my display! It's a nice table, and I use it for many things because it folds up.

Painted Table by Teresa Young

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