Friday, December 30, 2016

Why Paint? Habit or Calling?

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Blue wave fish by Teresa Young, acrylic on wood.

Catch the Wave, Acrylic - 7"x4", 2015
I haven't written a blog on this site for quite some time.
The 3 Faces of Eve, Acrylic-18"x18", 2016
Recently, I've been thinking I'd give this another try...
A lot has happened since my last post. I tried an auction site and found that it didn't really work out. (Maybe I'll try it again at a later date!) 

I also joined a co-operative artists gallery in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), 

And I closed down my old website and set up a new site on

  By end of 2015, I'd started feeling pretty well blah about my own style. It felt like my artwork was fading into a grey zone where subtle became so monotone that I couldn't care less if my paintings existed or not. Sometimes, getting stuck in a rut simply means that you stop remembering to stretch your own limits, so then you become a victim of your own habits.

It seemed I had found my comfort zone, and I was defending it bravely.  So much so, painting was well on it's way to becoming a chore...
Why bother?
I'd read that book, watched that movie, done that 'thang' so many times it was rote!

  So, I Decided to Become Vivid!

On that note, I'll leave you with something I've created in the last couple of weeks...

By experimenting with my old tablet and a newer version of Paint Shop Pro I think I really achieved 'vivid'.

Don't forget to check out

and thanks for listening!
Electric Face, digital painting, 2016 by Teresa Young.

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