Saturday, April 3, 2010

Art by Teresa Young Chosen For Projekt30 April 2010 Exhibition

I just discovered that I was selected to be one of thirty artists featured in the April 2010 Projeckt30 online exhibition.
Projekt30 is an online gallery designed to connect artists with "brick and mortar" art galleries interested in representing them, as well as art dealers and collectors currently unaware of their work. They host thirty-artist juried exhibitions each month, as well as special theme exhibitions several times a year.
These juried exhibitions showcase to a large number of galleries all over the world. Their "public jury" system provides a concentrated, quality-controlled survey of artists work. Artists appearing in their exhibitions have received thousands of favorable ratings from individuals occupying a diverse spectrum of stations in the arts community.
This particular exhibition includes beautiful digital photography, 3D art and artworks from artists Kevin Veara, Ron Swartz, Will Kurtz, Julie Lucus, Hyunju Jung, and others. A majority of the artworks are for sale and the prices for non-photos range from four or five hundred up into the thousands.
Blue Emotions by Teresa Young
I entered ten paintings into the competition and I'd like to talk a bit about some of them here before including a link to the exhibition for anyone interested in viewing it.
An acrylic media with glued on shells that have the shell patterns echoed in the design within the painting itself.
After a holiday along the Oregon coast I wanted to express the beauty of what I saw as I stopped and explored the beautiful seashores.
The Genesis of Intellect
 by Teresa Young
The Genesis of Intellect,  12" x 9" canvas:
This abstract piece really expresses a feeling, a kernel of self with respect to thought that I wanted to explore within a painting format. 
Really, with a lot of my artwork, it is more of a stream of consciousness process for me that allows me to express my emotions
In the past, I called a lot of my work 'emotional landscapes', and that's really what they are, the environment of my inner being expressed externally.
Feathered Fancy
by Teresa Young
I like this piece mainly for the colours.  It's really light-hearted and has a feathered feel to me, so of course I decided to go for a fun name that would suggest that for the audience. 
Not that I've ever seen a bird quite like this, but it really feels like some old owl or hawk sitting up in a tree looking down at me.
Anyway, the overall link to the exhibition is here:
april PROJEKT30 exhibition  and the link to my part of the exhibition is here:  Teresa Young.

1.  Screenshot of Projekt30 April 2010 Exhibition screen,  2.  Blue Emotions - July 2002,  3.  The Genesis of Intellect - Feb. 2010,  4.  Feathered Fancy - Aug. 2002.


SF Girl said...

Congratulations, Teresa! This is phenomenal... Not only is your art very cool, but you are exhibiting in great company...
Your friend,

Darlene said...

Congratulations, Teresa! Good luck, and very nice art.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Teresa!
I LOVE your artwork and I am so glad that you have found one of many (I'm sure) showcases for it. This is very exciting!
All the best in your future artisitc endeavours!


Dalifan said...

Thanks Nina, I'm very excited about this;-)


Dalifan said...

Thanks Dar!


Dalifan said...

Thanks for the wonderful encouragement Margaret;-)